Torres el Faro, Buenos Aires

Shaped like an open book, with the spine towards the river, these twin slim towers are designed to capitalise on the views over the tree-lined river De La Plata and the city. Their angled stance also gives them a poise an elegance, and reduces the weighty ‘blocky’ feel of more conventional tower block constructions. Situated in what is now the most expensive area of Buenos Aires – Puerto Madero, Torres al Faro, with 46 floors of apartments, and rising 170 metres takes the crown as the tallest towers in Argentina.

Built of reinforced concrete with aluminium curtain walls cloaking the tiered top levels, the symmetrical rows of well-spaced windows gives a cool, sharp, mesh-like appearance . At night, the very highest levels, containing lights are brilliantly illuminated, creating the illusion of two white-hot tips branding the night sky.

Type of Building: Residential

Architect: Mr. Berardo Dujovne y, Mrs. Silvia Hirsch (Dujovne, Hirsch Asociados

Brand: Interpon D1000